"Lug one™" 0.01



Suitable for: snare drum, tom and floor tom or bass drum.
Material: stainless steel.
The distance between centers of holes: 32-38 mm.


In combination with HOOP ONEallows quick replacement of drum head and fast tuning with two or three steps.

Without HOOP ONE allows only fast tuning with two or three steps, but no qiuck replacement of drum head.

You can choose between:



Striking possibility is the rapid change of frequency. By changing the tension of the drumhead, the sound gets higher or lower.
Due to its innovative design system, LUG ONE enables that change in just one click, instantly, while playing. Each lug has two or three steps, so there are a lot of sound variations.
Changing the drumhead is simple with the LUG ONE® system. Loose lugs on the drum, replace the drumhead and just fasten the lugs again. Tuning of the drumhead is not required and the drummer can simply play on. If necessary, set the sound with a simple click of the handle of the LUG ONE system. Tuning can also be performed in the conventional way with a tuning key.
With the help of the LUG ONE system, drummers can replace the drumhead in less than a minute. That’s how simple it is. Now the drummer can instantly take advantage of all the sound possibilities provided by different drumheads.

LUG ONE 0.01 lugs are available to drummers, drum builders and retailers. Contact us HERE.