Our innovative System One® hardware upgrades your drum so that the functionality, usability and quality of expression are unique and most advanced on the market. It offers new possibilities of expression, performance possibilities, best sound and maintenance without effort and loss of time to drummers. With System One® hardware you get the next generation drum!

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HOOP ONE® hoops:

• The segments of HOOP ONE® may be made of different materials. Each material has its own specific sound, which opens up many tone variations.

LUG ONE® lugs:

• LUG ONE® enables different combinations of sound with a simple step coupling and uncoupling.

• In just a few seconds you can install different drumheads, which give – due to its properties – a different sound.

• Only basic re-tuning is necessary!

• Combination of LUG ONE® lugs and HOOP ONE® hoops is most optimal and allows to a drummer all the functions offered by the System One.

EXCITER ONE® strainer:

• Do you want to replace or tune the resonant drumhead quickly? This is exactly why we’ve designed the strainer EXCITER ONE®!

• You simply remove the snare wire, change the resonant head and attach the snare wires back. You can also tune your snare’s resonant drumhead faster.

CARRIER ONE® Tom and Floor Tom legs Mount:

• Tom mount/bracket the CARRIER ONE® enable fast assembly or dissasembly of tom or floor tom legs without time-consuming screwing and leveling of the height.

• In each setting the height of tom will be the same!