Uroš Dobčnik / SI

He began to play when he was nine years old and has taught himself to play classical guitar. A little later he began playing the bass guitar. With 13 years he formed the first band named The Guitars, where he was singing and playing bass guitar. The band operated several years and in the meantime changes its name to Pointless. They were playing at all big and small stages across Slovenia as the opening act for all well-known names in the Slovenian music scene (Big Foot Mama, Sidharta, DanD, Zmelkow, Srečna Mladina, Magnifico, Demolition Group, Pero Lovšin, Vlado Kreslin, Pankrti, Niet, Tinkara Kovač…). The band split up in the year 1999.

After a short break they invited him to participate with the band “Little” in which he plays rhythm guitar and sings backing vocals .They’ve released an album and recorded a few videos. In the year 2004 the Ljubljana-based band “Sheeva” invited him to audition. He started playing bass guitar and performing with them at all major and minor stages in Slovenia. The group changed the name and the singer. The newly formed band today operates under the name " Co.Da ". They’ve released two EP’s and recorded the video. They play in Slovenia and various festivals abroad .

His older brother is a drummer. In the childhood they’ve shared a room and there was a set of real drums standing in the middle of their room. He was playing drums since his childhood, but never had a band in which he’d be a drummer.

In the year 2005 guys from the punk band “Pain In The Ass” invited him to join them as a drummer. He decided to cooperate and this is the beginning of his drumming career. They’ve played in all Slovenian underground clubs and at most festivals in the country . When they replaced the singer and changed the name of the band, their style of punk music becomes even fiercer. They formed a group “Pink Panter”, which operates even nowadays. Their album was released in the spring of 2014.