Manic's ENDORSER, Drummer, manager and bandleader

Luka Pate / SI

Luka is a drummer, a bandleader and a manager of a very successful Slovene pop singer Rebeka Dremelj. He also works as a manager and a drummer for a guitar virtuoso Jernej Zoran. Loves working with his two bands GoGs and D’NeeB and occasionally collaborates with the band Spimdotreh. Also works with Gašper Rifelj, Nushy, Marijan Novina and others.

He is from Mirna – Slovenia, where he attended elementary music school – guitar and later on percussion. Because of his studies in Law College at the University of Maribor, his drum life was on hiatus.

In addition to the video lessons, workshops and masterclasses of world famous and also Slovene drummers (Dave Weckl, Mike Portnoy, Thomas Lang, Tony Royster Jr, John Blackwell, Virgil Donati, Mike Mangini, Simon Phillips, Marko Soršak – Soki, Jure Doles, …), he later on continued his music education with his mentor and a close friend, Mark Soršak – Soki (Elvis Jackson, Black Diamond). According to Luka, there is never enough musical knowledge, that is why he has also been working with his other mentor Peter Cizelj in the recent years. Peter finished pop – rock school of drums and studio production at the Conservatory of Music in Rotterdam and brought their style of tutoring to Slovenia.

Luka began his serious music career at the age of 17 – in the band Vertum with the singer Vika Zore, later on he worked with Apolonia and Mark Lemer (Lunn-a-park) and the bands D’NeeB and GoGs, which he still loves to collaborate with. In the past he also worked with ensembles Cantamus, Rozalije, Spimdotreh, 2b and still occasionally works with Marijan Novina, Gašper Rifelj, …

He works as a live, session and a studio drummer. In addition to the drums he also uses percussion (cajon, shakers, tambourine, congas) and backing tracks, where necessary. He recently took over a private music school POPsi, where he and his mentors tutor students with all the musical knowledge and know how acquired trough the manny years of studying and playing music, trying to bring music and the musical community/lifestyle closer to their students.

In 2013 he became our endorser. Especially for him we have produced a top of the range, pearl white custom stave set out of solid maple wood, called “The Godfather” (an English version of the German word Pate). The drumset in his own words has so far proven itself superior in every single situation – from studios, small to the stadium sized venues. The set contains drums in manny different sizes, which of course are not all a part of his standard drumset, but it leaves him an option to adjust to any situation, size of the stage and to different musical styles.

As impressive as his extensive music collection is, is also his musical taste and interest in all genres of music. He likes to listen to and play many genres, but his “home field” is definitely pop, funk, rock and blues. In any case, he can’t imagine life without music.

Previously played with / Currently playing with:
The Trolls, Vertum, Cantamus, Rozalije, Apolonia, Spimdotreh, 2b, Jernej Zoran, Marijan Novina, Mr. Jack, Nushy, Gašper Rifelj, D’Neeb, GoGs, Rebeka Dremelj.