Session musician

Ivo Rimc / SI

His professional carrier started at age 17, when he passed the audition for a very popular rock/funk band Demolition Group. The Group has recorded one of the highest profile albums back then (Neovangelj 1999). After five years in the group he realized he wants to take his knowledge and love for the music further and decided to study drums.

Between 2000 and 2002, he passed the entrance exam and studied at CodArts in Rotterdam (NL). He upgraded his knowledge with regular visits of Drummers Collective in New York (USA). He was picking up knowledge from different masters, but the greatest influence on Ivo’s playing was made by Marko Djordjevic, (2008/09/10), with whom they became friends and are still in close contact. Between 1998 and 2009 he was a member and artistic leader of the group Leeloojamais and continued to perform and record for many different artists and producers. Since 2008 he teaches at the state primary school of music (Music school Kocevje) and gives private lessons in his studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Before that he taught at the music schools Muzika Viva and B.AS.E. for four years.

In 2010 he started recording with a very successful producer from Zagreb, Koolade and spontaneously created a new project Zebra Dots. They invited a group of other talented musicians to join them – Sasha Aleksandra Danilova, Jernej Kržič, Erik Marenče and Andraz Mazi. Together, they created a new sound of ZD and recorded their first album “Walking on a Chance” (November, 2012) and became the first in the area of the former Yugoslavia to sign a contract with major record label Universal Music. His career successfully continues in addition to Zebra Dots he occasionally performs with Big Band Krsko and keeps recording for a variety of producers and performers.
He playes pop, rock, funk, R&B, hip-hop, fusion, jazz…


• DEMOLITION GROUP – Neovangelij

 LEELOOJAMAiS – Pod vplivom, Nextasy, Country Club Music

 NINA OSENAR – Moment like this, Missunderstood

 E.N.I. (CRO) – Vatra

ZEBRA DOTS – Waliking On A Chance

Previously played with / Currently playing with:
Koolade, Leeloojamais, Demolition group, B.R.O. Funk Trio, Lovro Ravbar Trio, Big Band Krško, Alenka Godec, Da Phenomena, Tinkara Kovač, Magnifico, Spinz & Dank, Kisha, Glam, Schatzi, John Keys (NL Producer), Lord Lefty (NL Rap Artist), RTV Big Band, Jennifer Batten Trio (Michael Jackson), Igor Bezget Trio, Nina Qi, Spyritual Pyrotechnics, Hans Dulfer (NL), Andreja Zupančič, Nuša Drenda, Shyam, Pipi Brothers, Rok Golob & Katrinas, Supersoul Connection, Tadej & Playfulness, Zebra Dots,…

Ivo about MANIC drum:
“MANIC drum drums surprised me! Damn! February of this year (2013), Matija from MANIC drum presented me 6 snare drums. With those toys I was like a little child! Pleasantly surprised! Snares are superb craftsmanship and each has its own characteristics. I am very pedant and nerdy when choosing snare drums for studio sessions. Could say that I enjoy when I find the right snare and tuning for the song. Already In March 2013 I have started to use MANIC drum on all my recording sessions. To record the album Zebra Dots I have used 6 snare drums. I extremely enjoyed playing on them. So MANIC drum – Excellent Work! I’m glad I can be part of your family. Thank you!”