Igor Marasović / SI

His musical career began at his fifteen. Soon after he played in various jam sessions. After breaking of their first band, he has landed in The Fifth Season (later AlmostRage), band that play a unique metal and is not based on speed and brutality. Participation in this band is a special pleasure, as they are primarily good friends. Creativity and performance is always a challenge for them. His second band in the is Sixtynine. He was invited to the band by guitarist Tadej, with whom he played together in the first band “VzRock”. They are finishing their first album “Lazy Crazy Thing”, produced by Andrea F.

For the album he wanted a unique sound. For that occasion Manic drum designed him a snare with the combination of acacia and walnut and the “beast” named “Tempesta” was created.

Previously played with / Currently playing with:
VzRock, Tribu`Litfiba, Albakiara, Sin Story, Plava Jabuka, AlmostRage, Sixtynine.