Vault of Pain

Gregor Hodinj / SRB


"I started to explore the world of music when I was nine years old. I played a completely different instrument – the accordion. After primary music school, I stopped playing the accordion and seriously thought about playing another instrument, typical for metal music. Bass guitar or drum? When I was 19 years old, I’ve decided and started raising money for my first set of drums. So it all started well. The wide availability of materials and lessons on the internet allowed me to progress as a self-taught.

After six months I started to play with hard core band called Vault of Pain, in which I play even today. Together we’ve perfected and move forward as a band. Till today I have played in several local, unknown bands. Together with my colleagues we have started heavy / rock project “Čika Antika”, but it didn’t last long because we couldn’t find a singer. Because I was listening the particular metal music, my idols are Richard Christy, Gene Hoglan and Sean Reinert, former drummer of the group Death. During subsequent exploration of styles and music direction, which can enrich my drumming skills, I discovered some other idols, such as Steve Smith and Buddy Rich.

Currently I play in hard core / metal band Vault of Pain. Band Vault of Pain is currently looking for a music publisher to record second album. We are also interested to play in European countries, if we only get the chance for tour. I would like to start with two projects, with a death metal band along the lines of the famous Death, and with the Jazz / Fusion group. I would also like to become a studio drummer.

We (Vault of Pain) performed at the sixth Demofest in Banja Luka (BIH), where I got the prestigious award for best drummer, MANIC drum snare “Demofest” 9×14″!"

Currently playing with:
Vault of Pain