Manic's ENDORSER, Session musician

Đorđe Stanivuković / BIH

"I started playing drums when I was 20 years old. Even as a kid I noticed that the focus on rhythm is something that interest me, so I have decided to play drums. I was wondering what is "going on" with them. I got a couple of drum stick for my birthday, and then I fantasize more and more about the fact that I am playing the drums. I've pounded at pillows, bed, legs, and got a bunch of blisters. However, I could not stop. Time passed and I still haven't decided to make my dreams come true. Until I was 20, when my friends persuaded me to start playing drums. The result was my first band Monument.
My music career is not really anything special, because the success has not yet been reached. We've played at numerous performances and concerts.
I am actively playing in two bands, Tanker and Monument.
Tanker has so far released one album titled Sorrow Drives The Will. We are preparing a new album (Shores Of The Weeping Willow), which should be completed by the end of the year. Monument has released one EP entitled Evolved Self Projection."