David Gerčar / SI

He became actively involved with the drums at his 16th.
His inspiration were Pink Floyd, Queen, Metallica, The Police, and especially the drummers like Mike Portnoy, Steve Jordan, Gavin Harrison, John Bonham, Stewart Copeland.
At the high school, the five classmates founded the rock band “Na Off” (where David was a founding member), which has operated primarily in clubs and events, but finally, after several attempts of the completion of their debut album, band broke apart.
In 2012, David and Peter Bulovec (both formerly “Na Off”) joined forces with Staš Hernič (former member Angee) and the band Supersunset, currently completing their debut album formed. For the purpose of this musical project I have ordered my own custom MANIC drum “Thagomizer”.

Currently playing with: Supersunset

David about MANIC drum:

“Why MANIC drum? Friendly staff, professional service, "home product” and of course the phenomenal quality and sound.