Session musician

Anže Žurbi - Zurby / SI

To gain even more knowledge he attended some seminars under the supervision of
musicians, such as: Armen Donelian, Ernesto Simpson, Marko Djordjevič, Kim Plainfield, Jojo Mayer, Marco Minneman, Mike Haid, Karen Asatrian, Michael Abene, Martin Drew, Erich Bachtraegl Ines Reiger, Emil Spanyi, Primoz Grašič, Boško Petrović, Jonathan Blake, Jimmy Cobb, Joe Gallardo, David Friesen, Don Menza …

Anze Žurbi – Zurby started his music career relatively late. Initially he played on plastic containers, then the love of music has taken him so much, that he bought the drums. He started visiting music school in Kamnik and now he teaches percussions there. After Kamnik he started visiting secondary music and ballet school in Ljubljana. When he finished school in Kamnek, he started to study in Klagenfurt at Conservatory of Music. In the year 2013 he finished pedagogic study.

He has been guest at various world stages as member of many groups: with Artbeaters on the international jazz competition EUROPAfest 2012 in Bucharest, where they become the winners (out of 160 bands), then at Jazzon 2013 with the Artbeaters, where they collected three awards, with TIDE and THE TIDE at Festival EXIT, at Liburnia Jazz with Seaside jazz quartet, with The Stroj at BBC Live Music Festival in Leeds, at EXPO 2000 in Hannover, at Singapore Art Festival 2005, Jazoo: City Pub at Sarajevo, at club Alter Art Travnik, at Parafono Jazz Club, Preveza Jazz Festival, Český Krumlov-International Jazz Festival, at Praha-Akord club, European Jazz Festival Athens, at Vienna-TUWI …

Currently he is most active in the band of Nermin Puškar, Katarina Mala and MojcART. They create their own music. He is also active in band Soul Jazz and I – the team makes arrangements of well-known songs in a unique and very interesting way.

Previously played / Currently playing with:
Severina, Nermin Puškar, Mika, Čedahuči, Katarina Small, Soul Jazz and I, MojcART, Nuša Derenda, Rebecca, The Tide, Neomi, Artbeaters, Tide, Primoz Grašič, Boško Petrović, Zlatan Čordić, Carpe diem, Jazoo, Marko Tolja (Croatia), Jadranka Juras, Iva Stanič, Alenka Godec, Zlatko, Gregor Ftičar, Adam Klem, Marko Črnčec, Igor Bezget, Eva Černe, The Stroj, Extra 3 led by Karena Asatriana (Austria), Billy Gould (Faith No More), Kristina Oberžan, Anže Palka & New Flamenco orchestra, Fusion Pop, Slovenian Philharmonic, Aldo Kumar… He also parcitipated in musicals The Singing Nuns and The Sound of Music.