Custom drums

MANIC drum® – Manic sound


We achieve this with our team of experts from various fields. We live for innovation, superior design, technology and shell crafting. Each specific drum part is selected to match drummer’s aesthetics, needs and playing style. By choosing the wood, shell size, and specific elements of our  MANIC SYSTEM ONE™ hardware, a drummer is involved in each step of the process. This makes MANIC drum the only completely custom drum on the market.
MANIC drums truly are drums for the next generation.


Our shells is what set us apart. Segments of the shell are cut so that annual rings run vertically. Using from 10 to 24 segments per shell, our engineers bond and dry each shell and then carefully lathe to achieve the appropriate radius. We then drill holes for the hardware and precision cut the bearing edges. Finally, we finish the shell according to drummer’s desires.

We use many species of wood for our shells: European, North American and exotic varieties.

Stave shell offers a richer, clearer and shorter vibration than ply, and the overtones are much more controlled. The orientation of the wood’s inner structure also contributes to the quality of sound – if the annual rings run vertically, the tone is significantly more harmonious. Finally, when we bond the segments, a minimal amount of glue is used, as opposed to ply-construction, where an over-abundance of glue can obstruct resonance, tone and volume.


We are happy to select the wood that is right for you as many drummers rely on our expertise. In general, we build shells made from less dense woods for softer playing styles, and more dense woods for harder playing styles. The challenge (and fun) is in choosing the perfect wood that matches your style and individual sound. This is what sets us apart: you are directly involved in the process.
Our drums are truly one-of-a-kind!