5.5, 6.5 or 8x14" Maple

Shell type: solid wood stave shell: 5.5x14″, 6.5x14" or 8x14".
Wood: Maple.
Finish: linseed oil.
Hoops: Hoop One™ 0.01.
Strainer: Exciter One™ 0.01.
Lugs: Lug One™ 0.01 and 0.02.

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At MANIC drum®, we manufacture top-of-the-line stave shells out of solid wood. Our MANIC "MIRAGE" snare drum follows our core philosophy – nature and science in perfect harmony. Each shell is made from top quality solid wood segments, cut precisely at an angle of 9 degrees and bonded together into a barrel-like construction. The structure is then pressed together with special clamps for a minimum of 24 hours. This incredibly stable shell is then placed on a lathe, designed specifically to craft the outer and inner layer of the shell into a desired radius (177mm radius = 14” diameter). Then, the holes for the hardware are drilled and the bearing edges cut to the desired degree and shape. The shell is then sanded to the preferred smoothness, the snare bed is hand-shaped, and the wood is stained with a special mixture of oils; this protects the wood against the elements and provides a lustrous finish. Finally, the hardware parts are mounted and the MANIC drum® badge with the company logo and drum model is placed on the shell. What sets us apart is our approach to both materials and construction. 

The width of our shells varies between 10 – 17 mm and is specified based on our unique calculation methods. Several variables, including the thickness of the wood, speed of sound waves through the specific wood, etc., must be considered when the calculations are made. Consequently, while drums in the same series can have different shell thicknesses, we have found the ideal combination of material, size, thickness and construction for each model so that the natural beauty and resonance of the wood is perfectly realized.

Our "MIRAGE" snare drums come in 3 depths: 5.5”, 6.5” and 8x14" in order to meet the specific needs of each drummer. The 6.5” is the most desired depth currently, supplanting the 5.5” (the trendsetter for many years). The versatility of the 6.5” shell makes it suitable for all genres and styles of music, from jazz to heavy metal, hip-hop to pop – even in classical music. The choice is yours: we will design the ideal snare drum for you, with a sound that enunciates your style and voice.

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Our snare drums are equipped with next-generation, innovative hardware that offers our drummers incredible versatility and expressivity. The unique features of our hardware offer the drummer lightning-fast sound adjustments. The hardware is cut with 3D laser technology that allows us to accurately, quickly and affordably adapt the hardware to the specific needs of any drummer. Our groundbreaking technology will separate you from other drummers and gives us, as the manufacturer, a distinct advantage over the competition. For ages, drummers have been persuaded to settle for less – to accept a one-size-fits-all approach. Our unique system involves you, the drummer, from the first step through to the final polish. With System One™, you are in control.


Our approach to our hoops reflects our approach to our shells – the pursuit of excellence through innovation. For our "MIRAGE" snare drums, our Hoop One™ line offers the drummer the batter hoop with two different segment materials: Two aluminum and three stainless steel segments.  These top segments are clinched to the stainless steel ring. The resonant hoop is made entirely out of stainless steel. The aluminum segments in the hoop, when struck, are designed specifically to achieve powerful rim shots. Respectively, the stainless steel segments in our Hoop One™ are meant to emphasize the unique sound of cross sticking. Our special levitating-segment technology and our exclusive micro-resonant chamber within each segment enables the material to vibrate in a unique and harmonious manner. With our hoops, cross sticking is amplified, present and warm. These hoops provide great flexibility, offering an exceptionally rich and complimentary resonant relationship with the shell, bringing out the best possible overtones from our drums.

With our Hoop One™ system, we will help you formulate a personalized sonic signature through our specially calibrated, hybrid hoop construction methods. This enables you to achieve a customized sonic palette that compliments your playing techniques and musical approach.

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Like our shells and hoops, we have designed our lugs to produce that unique and remarkable MANIC sound.  The LUG ONE™ "MIRAGE" drumhead tensioning system is a combination of ten evenly distributed lugs using Lug One 0.01™ and Lug One 0.02™ technology, yet another of our unique innovations.

Four Lug One 0.01™ lugs are diametrically set in pairs to aid the drummer in adjusting head tension exceptionally quickly. Each lug can be sett into different settings easily, altering tension on the drumhead, and subsequently, changing the frequency or tone. Each Lug One 0.01™ offers 3 drumhead tension levels that utilize a classic tensioning rod and head shape, enabling the drummer to use any standard drum key.

By simply flipping the lug flaps out into different positions, the drumhead drops to a completely different tuning range – like having two different instruments in one! Additionally, with our Lug system we have made it remarkably easy to tune to the exact same tension at all of the lugs sites around the drum because our system distributes the tension evenly across the entire head; even with just half of the lugs in the second position, the drumhead remains in tune.

These truly are the most adaptable and accommodating drums on the market.

To add to these already impressive attributes, while Lug One™ 0.02 is a traditional tensioning lug that can be tuned with a normal drum key, when use in combination with the adjustable settings for the tension rods on our Hoop One™, the drummer no longer needs to entirely unscrew the tensioning rods to change the drumhead.

With just a few turns of your favorite drum key, the hoop segments disengage, allowing you to remove the Hoop One™ and the drumhead. When you’ve replaced the drumhead, only a few micro adjustments are required.


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Is our three-step snare strainer fabricated from laser-cut stainless steel; it allows an impressive three snare-wire positions (tight, loose, off). Additionally, the butt end of the snare strainer is equipped with a precision-machined brass screw intended for micro adjustments and fine-tuning of the snare wire tension. But the most exciting components of the Exciter One™ are the aluminum end-hooks – connected with standard straps or string – so that the drummer can rapid-release the snare wires for quick and painless removal when replacing the resonant drumhead. The snare wires are unhooked and removed together with the hoop, eliminating the need to remove and reinstall the snare wires each time. This also enables the drummer to further customize their sound ‘on the fly’ by switching out different snare wires! We at MANIC feel that for far too long not enough attention has been paid to the snare wires’ immense impact on the sound of the snare drum itself. With proper attention and care – as well as our unique system – the snare wires can enhance the sonic qualities of the drum, further augmenting the drummer’s creativity and distinctiveness.

Exciter One™ is also available in a four-position version, allowing for an impressive range of different snare wire tensions. Imagine switching from a tight crack to a ballad-rich punch in seconds!

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Our Sound is Our Trademark

Outstanding sound is the essential purpose of a refined musical instrument. While innovation and aesthetics are critical to the production of a phenomenal drum, for us, the sound of the drum is of the utmost importance.

MANIC drum’s trademark sound is recognized and prized both in our homeland of Slovenia, as well as throughout Europe. Praised and requested by sound engineers, music producers and drum educators, and all types of drummers, our drums have featured in every music style and genre.

“The MANIC SOUND GUARANTEE” is our fundamental principal; it positions MANIC drum® above and beyond the competition. This unique guarantee ensures that your MANIC drum® will sound as good – if not better – than any other prestige brand on the market.

With Manic Drum®, it’s the little things that set us apart: If your drum falls out of tune during transportation, our drums tune up faster and more easily than other brands. Additionally, we include personalized customer support to aid you in discovering all that your drum has to offer, before and after purchase.

• At the core of this guarantee is this promise: if you are unable to find a satisfying sound from one of our drums, we encourage you return the drum and we will give you a full refund, or apply the purchase price toward another one of our drums.  Our mission is to make you a better – and happier – drummer!