About us

Matija, who studied music and is a percussionist, founded the company in 2012. His original intention was to produce solid-wood custom drums, to understand with acoustic experiments how a certain shell construction affects the resonance and thus to develop a formula for making drums with the best sound. If the people at MANIC drum believed that they had developed the best shell technology for the best sound, their adventurous spirit drove them on.

“We have listened to drummers and their desires. We’ve listened to our intuition too”, says Matija. The direction in which the MANIC drum team focused their research potential was how to make drums more multi-layered and interesting.

The key solution is in drum hardware. The hardware used by today’s drum manufacturers was developed more than 100 years ago. Since then, nothing substantial has changed. Manufacturers are mainly looking for better sound with a variety of materials and shell structures.

The sound of the drum is also affected by different types of drumheads. Manufacturers of drumheads have made substantial development in this respect. But the hardware on the drum is rigid and drummers therefore very rarely decide to install various types of drumheads.

Changing the head is a time-consuming process, which is followed by a precise tuning of the drum. The whole process takes time and skill. If a drummer wants to quickly apply a different sound for another song for a recording, concert or rehearsal, he/she must have several snare drums. This is often an impractical and expensive option.

Currently, the hardware of other drum manufacturers vary in design, but mostly even that is not necessary. In fact, this is hardware whose function was designed more than 100 years ago. And why have drum manufacturers for so many years insisted on one concept and haven’t looked for solutions for more functional hardware and thus several possibilities of drum expression?

“Why do we drive gas-guzzling cars with dirty engines? Because this is very suitable for big manufacturers – small ones don’t have the money for development and production”, says Matija. “We have a solution that makes the drum a versatile instrument and gives the drummer the possibility for greater creativity.”

MANIC drum has launched a drum with the hardware of the next generation.